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Our Story

Founded by Jady Gimenes Martins in Brazil, in 2.013.

ZADFIT was created from the passion of Fashion Fitness and high quality products. Back in 2013 all the activewear were boring. The designs weren’t created to fits and sculpt the women body. Almost 100% of the pants available in the market were those pants that slide down during the activity and the waistband had elastic that was super tight and unconfortable or very low pants that cut the booty in a half.

We created Zadfit to give the Women the shoot of confidence that they need every single day to feel powerful women, beautiful in their skin.



Our produts/designs


Our mission is to make the most incredible activewear you ever had with the best high quality fabrics.

We design and create products to shape, fits and lift the women body.

Sophisticated products that brings versatility for an incredible look that goes from the gym/studio to the streets. 

Our pants has high rise, wide and anatomical waistband that keeps and holds everything in place and prevents it to sliding down during any activity. Great support and compression that creates a flattering shape.

Promotes freedom to your body to move in any activity.


Our Brazilian Fabrics

Our fabrics come from the best factories in Brasil (Santa Constancia, Rosset, Doutex, Texneo and Advance).

High Quality, not see through, good compression, super soft, fast drying, non shrinking, wrinkle free, 4-way stretchy, 50+ UV protection, anti microbial, anti odor.

European Flax® certification, which ensures the origin of the flax we use, guaranteeing its quality and non-pollution of the soil from its origin in the plantation. Santa Constancia was the first company outside Europe to achieve this certification.

Santa Constancia is certified with the Oeko-Tex®100 - Class I seal, which certifies the non-existence of products toxic to human skin in our fabrics, including the children's line.

Biodegradable nylon Amni Soul Eco®, a Brazilian development from Rhodia-Solvay. In this case, Santa Constancia was a world pioneer in launching fabrics with this new technology.

Apexa® composite fiber from DuPont®, developed in partnership with Ichimura Sangyo of Japan. This technology enables, under suitable conditions, to transform the waste into fertilizer.

Cellulosic fibers Micromodal® and Tencel® from Lenzing company, internationally recognized for its environmental certifications, such as the European Eco-Label.


As you can see, it is not just one more brand.


We care about every single step. We want to you experience a worthy brand! We will promise you. You will fall in love with our products!